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I came to Michelle after years of being in and out of court because my Ex husband kept filing petitions to modify legal decision making and custody/child support on bogus claims. I was exhausted and tired of him getting away with not paying child support and not following court orders all while still trying to get custody of the kids. I had had enough! Michelle came into the picture and completely changed EVERYTHING! She exceeded what I wanted the outcome to be! She got me granted a nice portion of attorney fees, increased my child support payment by $100 (and I am actually receiving payments now!!), I was granted a flight reimbursement for when my ex failed to return my children to me! And on top of all of that amazing work, she got the court to find my Ex in contempt of court for child support and he is on "probation" for it too! He was also found to be in contempt of court for an order he failed to comply with years ago and is not allowed to file to modify anything with the court until he complies! I really could not have had a better lawyer! Michelle treated me like family and fought for me and my kids to have the best possible outcome. She is very experienced and knows exactly what she is doing! HIRE HER, DO WHAT SHE SAYS, AND YOU WILL WIN!!


Amazing, got me my daughter..

First off thank you Michelle, Michelle has been a great lawyer to work with,as a father going through divorce and custody battle I was worried. My case wasn't easy due to my little bit of a recorded 10 plus years ago. She knew it would be brought up and used against me. I did a lot of research trying to find the best lawyer to protect me as a father. We tried to work things outside of court, but the ex wouldn't agree to anything that doesn't benefit her. Michelle never advised me to take a deal because she was confident we would get exactly what we wanted. The day of trial I was worried as most are but Michelle reassured me things will be fine. In trail she took control of the court room. She is a fighter everything we asked for in court we got.. I am not just hear to blow Michelle's head up but in fact telling the truth as I have the court orders. I couldn't believe her when she called me with the good news.. I will now see my daughter 50% of the time. I recommend her to anyone wanting a fighter. Overall great person/lawyer, Great communication. Let her do what she does best and I can sit hear and say she kicked ass while taking names...

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