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Divorce Considerations Before You Go To Court

A divorce will have a significant effect on your life. If you have children, it will greatly change their lives. But the goal of divorce is to improve your life. You likely would not be considering divorce if all was well with your marriage.

Is Your Marriage "Irretrievably Broken?"

The reasons couples divorce are as varied as the couples themselves. Many adopt the no-fault ground of their marriage being irretrievably broken. Perhaps you were young and naive or after marriage you discovered your spouse has a substance abuse or gambling problem.

Maybe you are older and you have raised your children and find you simply don't have much in common with your spouse anymore. You can also allege fault, such as adultery, abandonment or criminal activity, which may increase the complexity of your divorce. Whatever the reason, it is nonetheless a very significant step.

Speak With Our Experienced Attorney First

Our attorney at Carlton Law Office can help you make that step with a free initial consultation. We will discuss your situation, your goals for the future and how we can help work through the divorce process.

Things to think about before you divorce include:

  • Avoid social media: Venting about a spouse on Facebook or Twitter may be satisfying and relieve some stress, but during a divorce you should turn off all social media. Any material on your posts, even those marked private, may find its way to your spouse or their lawyer and can be used against you for everything from property division to child custody. You can prevent potential problems and not create additional conflict with your former spouse by not posting or viewing for the duration of your divorce. Trust us on this.
  • Divorce mediation instead of litigation: You may think you must litigate your divorce. Our attorney has been very successful helping many clients use mediation to resolve disputes during their divorce, which can reduce your stress and cost much less than litigation.
  • Have your financial records: You will need to have your tax returns, bank statements and any other significant financial documents organized. An important part of your divorce will involve division of the marital property. Complete records of your income and your spouse, if possible, investments and debts will help ensure an accurate splitting up of this property. Remember, Arizona is a community property state and most marital assets will be evenly divided.
  • How to cooperate with your spouse: If you have children, you will likely have some form of joint custody, absent abuse or violence. This means you will need to work together to raise your children. We can help you develop a parenting plan that will foster the functional and civil relationship you will need to minimize conflict.

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