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Our Lawyer Learned The Hard Way

Our attorney has a unique reason for going to law school. She, like many Americans, went through a divorce. And like many Americans, she was not happy with the process. The attorneys in her divorce allowed the couple to fight about trivial issues. While the subject matter of some of her disputes may have been trivial, the cost of those disputes was anything but trivial. Michelle Carlton went to law school and vowed never to allow one of her clients to suffer the same fate.

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Protecting Your Rights And Your Pocketbook

At Carlton Law Office, we will not hesitate to explain why a strategy or action may be wrong. We will explain how every motion, every contested point will cost you court and attorney fees in addition to the high stress that accompanies entering a court room and allowing a judge to make decisions about your future.

We Will Fight For You

When situations are serious and there is evidence of abuse or domestic violence, we will fight every inch. Our attorney has practiced law, both in Oklahoma and Arizona and has helped many clients in difficult family law situations. We know when it is necessary to be aggressive. But we also know when the alternative, such as mediation, is appropriate.

Mediation Can Reduce Stress And Save Money

Mediation allows a couple to work with a mediator (the neutral) to sort out their issues and resolve their disputes. We often work with our clients in mediations, advising and counseling during these sessions. An attorney represents a client in mediation, as they can only provide advice. For mediation to be successful, the couple must come to a consensus and reach an agreement.

But we will help. Because these family law disputes involve issues of Arizona law, having our attorney next to you, helping you to understand the law and clarifying the issues, can make this process be much more productive and ensuring that you do not inadvertently surrender rights and that your resolution is fully informed.

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