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Divorce is never easy. You may be angry, frustrated, confused and overwhelmed. Now you have to deal with lawyers and child custody orders, and you have to make decisions that will affect you for years into the future. If you have children, the decisions you make will influence them for years or decades. How do you know how to choose?

We Can Help

A good attorney can help. At Carlton Law Office, our attorney can help you to understand Arizona family law, your options, likely outcomes and provide you with the straightforward advice you need to hear during the emotional roller coaster of a divorce proceeding.

Cooperation Is Best In The Long Run

In most cases, cooperation during a divorce is the best strategy. While some lawyers will go along with litigating every last inconsequential aspect of your divorce, that will cost you dearly. It will cost you thousands of dollars in attorney fees and court costs.

It will also cost you untold tension and create tremendous stress. When you hand the decision making over to a judge, you never know how he or she will rule. Our lawyer has had great success using mediation for resolving these disputes, saving you a great deal of money and stress.

The Best Interests Of Your Children

If you have children, contentious proceedings will cost you their sense of well-being and model behavior that may cost them their future relationships. In most divorce cases, there is a reasonable middle ground. Our attorney can help you find this position, often by mediation, which can save you and your family thousands of dollars.

Legal Help You Can Use

In addition to divorce and child custody issues, our firm can help you with other family law matters such as:

  • Child support modifications
  • Paternity actions
  • Guardianship
  • Estate planning and probate issues
  • Bankruptcy

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